Our Mission

To build successful relationships with our partners by providing them the resources and insight to achieve phenomenal growth.

Our Strategy

The AIM teams brings a passion and knowledge for real estate and development. With over $24MM in real estate holdings, real estate is a key strategy for AIM that will continue to fuel growth.

We aim to find people and their businesses that have the drive to succeed and grow. However, most businesses have difficulties with funding that growth and trusting someone to look out for their best interest. We look for these people to offer them the support they need, both financially and in other areas. By creating this partnership we can both invest our time, money, and efforts to see a business flourish.

Our Approach

AIM Strategies LLC is in the “people” business. We know that a successful organization comes straight from the top of the company. The entrepreneurs and leaders that set the standards for work ethic, accountability, innovation, and professionalism will see their efforts impact their company. We have recognized this as one of the most important factors when evaluating the future of a partnership. Secondly, we want more to do with companies than simply retain equity. We look to be a partner of each investment by providing support and insight to drive growth. We offer a unique perspective to what an organization already knows and can help inspire growth through new analysis. Lastly, we look for long time partners and long term growth. As a private equity firm, we are not looking to “burn and turn” companies overnight. We know that we can achieve greater returns by investing further in the companies we can trust. That’s why we work so hard to find the best partners to build and grow the best businesses.